Yummy.com was our inaugural project with the goal to profitably fulfill online orders from local inventory faster and more conveniently than a trip
to the store.  Originally conceived as HomeGrocer [2.0], we have developed a suite of solutions to ensure that each delivery is profitable and that each
fulfillment center processes enough demand that cash flows to headquarters.  Yummy.com is a fully integrated operation with owned assets, including
labor, inventory, vehicles, storefront/warehouse & software.  Since inception, we have completed more than 3,000,000 orders.  Our delivery fee at
Yummy.com is $6.99 with your $14.99 minimum order.  Free delivery is available when you order $125 online.  In any case, deliveries are made in about
30 minutes (98% of deliveries) or scheduled at the customer's convenience (2% of deliveries).